Every business needs a blueprint in order to predictably build capabilities, optimize resources, and reach performance goals. This blog seeks to share and build understanding among business stakeholders, to start a discussion to help business go and grow.  Business stakeholders include owners, students, and especially the people holding responsibility for performance in business operations.

I am Jim Sutton, consultant/analyst/architect, and I think a surprising percentage of companies are deficient in terms of having a meaningful blueprint. A blueprint gives structure or helps a company down the path to performance. A blueprint can help lower risk, and if you stick to it, it can make that performance gain relatively more significant and sustainable.

A Business Performance Blueprint doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact it is recommended not to be. I basically promote the old three-legged stool, comprised of of people, process, and technology. It can be dressed up and made to fit most any purpose. It’s well proven, and has served me hundreds of times. It’s a blueprint that can be applied to all size companies. It works.

I am a busy practitioner and am not selling anything. I do value the idea of social interaction, so I do hope you might share your thoughts too.  Obviously I don’t have a lot of web site polish, but this forum will at least help me organize and preserve some of my thoughts. Please feel free to reach out and “collaborate” in any way you’re comfortable.


The views I express in this blog, while intelligent and always right, are strictly my own, and do not reflect the views of my employers or anyone else.