I want to express my respect and admiration for the small and mid size companies, those that are not large, but who hold such an important and vital role to economy and social order.

I am keeping an eye to the “small-mid-size” companies, hoping all or some parts of posts directly helps them. I am not putting any distinct measures on what is small – what’s more important is to share ideas that can be put to use by the nimbler more entrepreneurial businesses, which happens quite often to be the smaller ones.

Basically, the blueprint is the prime enabler. Business needs a blueprint in order to identify and build the right capabilities, optimize the procurement and use of resources, reach performance goals, etc. With a blueprint there can be a cohesive road map and priorities; without one it tends toward trial and error, punctuated by sub-optimization. The point is, in some fashion, all the elements of the blueprint need to be there with the proper level of diligence for the small business to thrive and grow. There are distinct advantages and challenges to the small business that are best managed in context of the blueprint.

Some might see the blueprint as too slow or might not see how it can help pay the bills. But when all the obvious things have been done, you’ll need to act strategically. Small business needs to be open to the ideas and I’ll do what I can to keep it practical and applicable from that point of view.